Each entertainer supplied through Party King Entertainment will hold valid Public Liability Insurance. We (Party King Entertainment) will supply you with agreed service as contracted on paper or via digital contract via email or SMS. Services rendered will extend to that of the written/digital contract.


While we will en devour to keep your party fun, exciting & safe, and encourage the children to participate in all aspects of the show/program, the "Party King Entertainment" entertainer(s) services only extend to that of entertainment / show & program contracted. Our entertainers are not certified child-minders. Parental supervision is required at all times during the party/event (Entertainer has the right to stop or cancel the event where parental or venue host supervision is not present). The entertainer is not responsible for managing the behaviour of the children attending the party/event. Please don't ask entertainer to feed or take children to the toilet (not permitted)


Entertainers supplied by Party King Entertainment can refuse to perform at an event if they deem it an unsafe environment or hazard to their well being or annuls their Public Liability Insurance Cover.


Party King Entertainment will not be held responsible for any liabilities, claims, actions, damages to property or equipment, merchandise, products, persons or any losses or expenses of hirer / host.


Prices shown on this web site are subject to change and only shown as guidance. Call or email for final price.


The booking fee is retained to confirm you are engaging our entertainment services as agreed via email, SMS or verbally on the phone. This fee will be deducted from the full amount due/payable on the event date set. If you cancel your booking with us within 14 working days of your confirmed booking date then then please note that this fee is none refundable as it is used to cover our administration costs.


While we do request clients to supply us with their name, phone number, home address or email, their privacy is important to us. We do not pass such info onto any 3rd parties or data gathering agencies (exception only apply to UK court orders). We may use the info you supplied to keep you informed on specials we have on offer, although you are free to opt out of this on request.


We do not take photograph/s at private venues without the consent of the person/parent/guardian/host. We may ask for consent (written or verbally) to take a photo's for use in advertising (including, but not limited to, facebook, flyers, website etc). You are under no obligation to give consent. Photo's take at events open to the general public may be used without consent (written or verbal).


I am based in Kimberley (Nottinghamshire), but I do travel to numerous parties/venues in a 40 - 50 mile radios (sometime further for bigger events). That being said, the prices quoted on my site do not reflect extra fuel and time needed to attend events outside a 10 mile radious of Kimberley, so there will be an added fair surcharge to reflect this (which we will agree on with final price quote). Also not included in the prices listed on my site are any parking fees. Because of the amount of equipment I bring to perform at your event, I must travel by car (unless it is only balloon modelling you want). Parking must be supplied.


The well being, safe play and care of the children using our inflatable unit is the responsibility of the person that rents these unit. We encourage safety first then fun so please make sure responsible adult overseers the use of this unit at all times when in use. We will not be held responsible for any accidents to any persons or damages to property through the use of this unit. Any damages to this unit by hirer through improper use, over crowding or improper oversight will incur on the hirer the full cost to repair or replace the unit. Play safe and have fun!


Each of our inflatable bouncy castle units adheres to build quality BSEN14960:2013 and annually inspected by an independent RPii & PAT tester to met British health and safety directives.


All our electronic equipment is PAT tested as and when required by current UK law.